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Client Testimonials


I've had the pleasure of seeing James find what he's born to do and that is to coach! When I found out he was qualifying as a Gallup Strengths Coach I jumped at the opportunity to work with him. Having worked with a Gallup Strengths Coach before you might ask yourself, why do it again? I wanted to work with James specifically because of his invaluable array of previous experience in Sales. It was all well and good knowing what makes me tick but I wanted to know how I could tangibly apply this to my business and turn my Strengths into Sales! James did just that and more! I wouldn't hesitate to be coached by him again!

Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex) - LinkedIn Top Voice UK, International Keynote Storyteller, LinkedIn Thought Leadership Coach - UK

James was really helpful in advising me on my strengths after completing Gallup strengths assessment. He has this ability to put himself in someone else's shoes which is great for understanding fully a situation. Plus he is fluent in French, which makes him more a badass!

Sendra Luong - EMEA TA Lead at Abbott - UK

James spent time running through my career history and various responsibilities, before showing how accurate my Gallup Strength results were based on my experience. He passionately explained how the different strength categories could dovetail, providing positive self-reflection that helped explain why I perform consistently in particular areas. James' thorough approach left no stone unturned and he was able to give real life examples that I could identify with, to show how I might prioritise my social life or domestic tasks, based on the outcome of my results. James has definitely helped show me what other direction my professional life could take, using the main strengths identified as a foundation to build upon. I highly recommend getting in touch with James if you're at a crossroads or stumbling block in your career.

Steve Wheeler - Commercial Manager at U.K. Ministry of Defence - Saudi Arabia

I met James on the Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coach Course and we partnered to complete coaching evaluation sessions. James was able to create an atmosphere of trust from the first session. James spent time helping me to explore my CliftonStrengths 34 profile in greater detail, building an action plan with me which has since helped me to invest further in my talents and turn them into strengths. James and I share a similar profile, so I found it particularly valuable to learn from him about how to achieve success and overcome challenges. James has a warm personality and is able to help his clients to move from visions to success by unlocking their potential.

Hannah Lomax - Business Solutions Associate at Gallup - UK

James and I work together on a number of different businesses. I first did my Clifton strengths profile in 2014 and this made me realise I had been dragging around things I wasn't good at. Being able to understand and deploy my strengths was almost life-changing. So I jumped at the chance to properly re-visit it. James is annoyingly perceptive - he was able to help me to understand the "dark side" to my strengths and where perhaps I had been overplaying them. Coupled with understanding the combinations of strengths, which I had not really understood. Working with James has made me really understand how my strengths can be translated into actions and we have put in some goals off the back of my coaching. What was most reassuring, was that our profiles really complemented each other, so I am excited about using our combined strengths to create a happy, fun and successful future!

Michelle Minnikin - Chartered Psychologist, Co-Captain at Work Pirates - UK

If you're wondering if there is anyone, or anything, out there to help hone in on your strengths, and improve inspiration for the future, it's James and Gallup Strength Coaching. Working with James coincided with a considerable life choice/event: going to Grad School. I actually think working with James preceded this as I gained insights into my strengths, I gained momentum to move towards my academic goals. As my academic goals complement my professional and personal goals, working to advocate for social justice causes, it was timely and valuable to work with James to build confidence and self-awareness during our time uncovering my strengths.

It was like uncovering reassurance, knowing what strengths I am guided by and how those would come into play with my Individual Development Plan. These were crucial to feeling grounded and also emboldened as I would be embarking on an ambitious chapter of my life. Also valuable was learning how our own strengths can sometimes also be a weakness. This awareness, and how to change the behavior, was very interesting and also pertinent to uncovering how our strengths can serve, and also be of disservice sometimes. Being aware of the nuances is what builds self-awareness.

James is a caring and compassionate person as he relays insights and coaches you along the way. His strength is being a wonderful coach and advisor on how to hone in on what makes one tick and head in a direction that might just need someone's help to light the path. James is a beacon of light on the journey of self-awareness and how to harness that skill in order to make a plan towards more self-development and goal attaining throughout life.

Kristin Bell - Elder Care Advisor, Housing Specialist - USA